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Amy Scott

Amy has collaborated with Sarah as an accompanist for the Story Machine children’s performance project, which performed at the Latitudes Storytelling Festival, June 2014. Sarah and Amy have also begun collaborating on arranging, creating and performing adult repertoire.

Amy is a musician, with experiences in various genres and contexts, from classical to folk, from blues to spiritual. She thrives as an educator, accompanist, solo performer and musical collaborator. Amy studied, arranged and composed on the piano from a young age, setting the stage for her approach to teaching and supporting others in their musical journey.

Performance Career

Amy’s formal music training includes acquiring her grade 10 Royal Conservatory of Music certificate, and her Elementary Pedagogy certificate. Amy has delivered hundreds of performances throughout her career in retail settings, for house concerts, seasonal corporate gatherings, benefit concerts, weddings and other ceremonies. For three years running, she performed diverse music, weekly at the Waterloo Town Square, including her own arrangements and improvisations. She has been called upon to accompany by renowned opera singers, music students and children’s performers alike. Her approach to music making has given her the experience required to suit the varied needs of her clients, and she is hailed for her flexibility, professionalism, and musicianship.

Music Education Career

Amy has extensive experience as a piano instructor, working from her private studio, serving approximately 60 students on a weekly basis. Amy prepared many students for Royal Conservatory of Music practical examinations, as well as facilitated the creations of young composers and arrangers. Several of her former long-time students have been awarded high honours for their musicianship and achievements. Currently, her services are offered through Hapi Feet Music Inc., located at the KW Bilingual School, where she teaches full-time, three days a week. Amy has also taught master classes for such ventures as the Ontario Mennonite Music Camp.

Music Direction

Amy has acted as artistic director for musicals at Camp Tawingo in 2002. She also collaborated with Sarah Granskou, local storyteller and folk musician, on a children’s performance project presented at the Latitudes Storytelling Festival, Kitchener.

Artistic Directions

Amy has developed a keen interest in folk and contemporary music, such that is directly transferred and shared from person to person. Her understanding of musical influences, and her role as a facilitator and collaborator, shapes her view of music as something that comes “through” her, rather than “from” her. She looks forward to further developing her work digitally with select communities, and to continued collaboration with Sarah Granskou, local performance artist and musician. In this partnership, she has been enjoying integrating her gifts with keyboard arrangement and creative percussion, and is looking forward to developing skills with puppetry, singing and various instruments, including guitar and harmonium. Amy is also enjoying exploring her native ancestry through her spirit flute, and hand drum.

As an artist, Amy Scott is finding her voice…

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