Rooted in Norwegian Tradition

and Branching Out…

… through music, story, poetry and puppetry


“Embers Remember the Spark…even in the dark” SG


My Work

From intricate embroidery, poetry and lyrics to puppets created of shoes and purses, to illustrated stories, needle-felting and carving...listen and watch here. Get a glimpse of my expression and that of community children with whom I have collaborated. Learn More»

What I Offer

My poetic narrative and puppetry provide a humorous and moving context for song, 8-string fiddle, flute and jaw harp. While my work is intricate, and may be based in tradition, I seek to make everything that I do accessible and relevant for diverse ages and venues. Learn More»

About Me:

I have developed a niche as a performance artist and educator, applying my Canadian sense of innovation to Scandinavian tradition, whether overt or subtle. What I do and how I do it is defined by my story...herding reindeer, farming, carving fiddles, working in theatre and education and performing at hundreds of venues internationally. Learn More»
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